Small Business Owner

Preston Stinson

Republican for House District 96

Make Oklahoma A Top 10 State!

Husband and Father

Preston and his wife, Sheila, a former small business owner and attorney, have been married 12 years. They have two sons, Charlie, 11, and Thomas, 8, who both attend Edmond Public Schools. Preston believes every parent should be in control of their child’s education.

Job Creator

After a decade-long career in corporate real estate, Preston launched his business in 2015. Stinson Development Company, LLC, is a construction company specializing in sign erection, demolition and repair. Preston also owns and operates several other small businesses, including an e-commerce business and a rental property company. He believes in a strong American workforce.

Oklahoma County Roots

Preston Stinson grew up in Edmond. A 1990 graduate of Edmond Memorial High School, he graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in finance and later earned an MBA degree from Oklahoma Christian. Now he’s raising his family and operating his business right here at home.

A Champion for Liberty

Preston Stinson is a conservative who will fight for the U.S. Constitution, help get Oklahoma back to work and stop the assault on liberty. He believes that government should never ask more from taxpayers when families are cutting back and living on less. Government should also learn to live with less in tough times. Preston is pro-life, supports parental rights, property rights and stands for the Second Amendment.

Stinson for House 2022

P.O. Box 31052, Edmond, OK 73003